February 18, 2013 in Featured, For Worship Leaders, Worship Team

It’s Tuesday morning and last Sunday feels like a month ago. Your focus is on the next service. Even for those of us who plan weeks in advance, this next service is the most important one of all. Team built. Music sent. Rehearsal done. Creative meeting? Check. Feeling pretty pumped. Phone rings. The female voice you’ve planned on using for two of your key songs cancels. All of a sudden, it feels as if your week just started all over again. WHERE am I going to find a voice like hers? One who’s available on short notice?


We’ve been there. Recently. But the difference between churches who belong to the All Praise Network and those who don’t, is that we are part of a large network of highly skilled musicians, vocalists and technical experts who have and can play and work with anyone in any situation. Many of them, can be at your door at the drop of a hat.  Need a bass player tomorrow? Call All Praise. Need a worship leader even though there’s no time to rehearse with the band? Call All Praise. Does your sound team need instruction or training? Call All Praise. Whatever your worship needs are:


We are a nonprofit organization and take no money from you for our services. You simply pay us what our musicians and technicians charge us. We pay them, handle all the tax paperwork, travel arrangements, expenses, and more importantly, make sure you have the talent you need ON TIME –  EVERY TIME!

So next time you only “thought” you were ready for Sunday, give us a call. We’re here to help you take your worship experience to the next level.