Is Your Church Staffed for Success or for Status Quo?

May 3, 2013 in Featured

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, recently did an interview about how to run an organization. Churches are organizations, and I found his comments highlighted what many churches are lacking today.  Costolo equated the staffing of an organization to a good improvisational troop. To have a diverse and effective improv group, you need intellectuals and innovators.

The Innovators: According to Costolo, “these are your dropouts and visionaries.”  The people who say, “I need the freedom to think about this problem outside the limits of whatever constraints other people might operate under.”

The Intellectuals: Dick goes on to say that this equally important group are the ones who “think in terms of measuring themselves and everyone around them with data.”

His point is this: you need both on your team. And the leadership needs to listen to and accept any offering of ideas from both sides. Managers should respond to their employees’ perceptions, not ignore them. As Costolo said, “When we, as leaders, deny there’s an issue and reflexively defend the status quo, it creates misery for people.” It also nearly guarantees failure for your organization.

Too many churches today rely on the same leaders who once lead them to greatness to get them out of their current hole.  What they fail to recognize is that these leaders are also the same ones who took them into that hole. Back in the day, they started on solid ground. Today, the soggy hole requires a completely different set of skill & knowledge sets in order to advance.  For most of these churches, it’s time to bring in a new group of advisers and staff members who think differently than the staus quo, and it’s time for leaders to listen to them.

All Praise Ministries can help you find innovators and Intellectuals for any and all of your staffing needs. If you’re having trouble getting your church back on solid ground, we want to hear from you. We can help.