March 13, 2013 in Featured

It’s been said, “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

As a lifelong consultant, that statement may just be the Bible verse I most recite to clients. In short, as I speak to people all over the world, one thing becomes apparent very quickly – we all have the same issues. I can safely say, it’s been years since I’ve encountered a completely new issue with a consulting client. Sure, all issues have varying degrees of minutia that make up the problem as a whole, but the topics, concerns, obstacles and journeys are all pretty much identical everywhere.

As a result of those commonalities, I find myself using the same expressions over and over. I had one person ask me recently, “do you say the same thing over and over everywhere you go?” I had to say, “honestly, yes I do.” He then told me he had heard me say the same quotes a hundred times. Of course my consultant-like comeback was, “then fix it and move on the next issue.”

I thought it might be a good idea to share some of those common, most-used, sayings I find myself repeating over and over. Most of these aren’t cute or witty sayings, but are just real life answers to common problems.  I’ve often been asked to write a book of these isms, but I can’t because I’m sure I’ve borrowed most of these from somewhere or someone else. I’ve attributed the ones I was sure of:

  1. Start with the end in mind.
  2. Do what’s right and our competition will take a left.
  3. If you treat them like babies, they’ll just keep pooping in public
  4. What should be done eventually must be done immediately.
  5. Jesus didn’t form committees and boards and run his ideas past them.
  6. Again? What are you paying me for? Clearly it’s not my advice.
  7. Two heads are better than one, as long as the first head is Jesus.
  8. There are always four choices we can make:  Poor, Good, Better, Best. Our problem is we keep making “good” decisions. That’s only one step away from a poor one. 
  9. There’s never a bad time to make the best decision.
  10. Don’t build what you can’t finish. (Luke 14:25-35)
  11. If you knew what to do, why are you still asking for permission to do it.
  12. Jesus did tell us to seek wise counsel….so I’m not sure why you hired ME!
  13. Impossible doesn’t mean unsolvable.
  14. If you know yet do not do, you will have not. (partially and vaguely from The Bible.)
  15. Bibles and people should be treated alike in one way; when we talk about them, let’s make sure they’re at least in the room.
  16. Sometimes we gotta break it if we’re gonna fix it.
  17. We gotta knock if we expect it to open.
  18. There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)
  19. Seriously.. again?
  20. You can’t go to feed the hungry tonight because you have Wednesday night dinner at your church? (OK, so I don’t use that one too often, but I could.)

There are about 100 more, so maybe I’ll post them over the next few weeks. I will also post the most common issues I find in consulting – the very issues the quotes above are usually applied towards.  In the meantime, All Praise Ministries would love to help your church overcome any and all obstacles as they relate to Worship, Music, Ministry, Marketing and the Arts. Reach out to us today and let us help you get to where God wants you to be!