Two More Tips For Worship Leaders

March 29, 2012 in Featured, For Worship Leaders

This post is for Worship Leaders who are responsible for the majority of the elements involved in a worship service. Lets face it, the number of churches with a dedicated Technology Director is somewhere around 2% of all churches, and less than half of those have a fulltime Worship Arts/Media staff.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re not in that 2%.  But even if you are, there are things you need to pay closer attention to. Here are two of them:

How Your Services Look. At my church, our lead and associate pastors have input into all we do. But at the end of the day, they empower me to determine how our stage, room and presentations look.  Effective Worship Leaders probe and seek out solutions to achieve the feel and the look of a service they want.  What technology or materials do you need in order to pull off an idea with excellence? What do you have in your inventory that you could be using differently to achieve better results? Who, on your staff or in your congregation can help you implement these ideas?  Successful leaders are never satisfied. They constantly anticipate change and lead others through that change. We should constantly look for ways to move our services forward with new or existing equipment and tools. And with today’s plethora of inexpensive gear and material, there is never a good reason for the look or sound of your service to become stagnant. Remember, we do not compete with other churches, but with movies, podcasts, Youtube videos, gaming and creative services suites, which come standard on nearly every computer in the world. Your product is being compared to every form of entertainment they’ve been exposed to throughout the week. Why would we allow THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE IN THE WORLD to fall short of their expectations? Unless you believe the new Pepsi message is more important than the New Testament message, your Sunday service’s production value should be on par with the best commercials, TV shows and movies your congregation is exposed to every day. Lets not allow what we can’t do, get in the way of what God wants us to do. Get creative. Find a way. Don’t settle.

 How Your Services Sound: Even though our church is blessed with a seasoned Tech Director and an awesome FOH guy, the sound that comes off that stage is still under my authority. Every entity has a message. In the church, ours is Jesus. It’s our job to make sure the message of Jesus is heard clearly. But almost as important, is that the message-in-song be presented consistently.  People want to know what to expect in your service. Sure, specific elements of surprise within a service are necessary, such as using a rapper in the middle of a well-known song, but The Three Ms – Music, Mix and Message – need to be consistent from week to week.  Does your band have an identity via their core sound? If I heard a recording of your worship team, could I identify them in the first three notes (think Lincoln Brewster)?  Or do you sound like everyone else? Do you understand audio mixing methods and have a grasp on the processing & effects tools that are currently in your arsenal to pull off the sound you desire? If not, start learning. Pull in experts in your area to give you advice and tips on creating a consistent sound that helps you deliver God’s message in a way that people will accept, respond to and tell their friends about. God’s message deserves to be heard in a relevant and compelling way. Your mix is crucial to the success of that goal.

 Much of this is no-brainer reminders of everything you already know. But many of you will read these two points and realize you need to pay more attention to the look and sound of your service. Below are a few websites you can use to move you ahead and get you out of any rut you may have been stuck in. Of course, if you need some one-on-one consulting, All Praise Ministries can help you with that as well. Hit us up and lets start discussing your specific situation and find a solution that works for you!


Jimmy Smith

RESOURCES for How You Look:
I like to visit websites and look for thought starters. Here are some sites that have plenty of ideas for staging.
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Concept Design Productions

There are too many sources for live sound for me to dare list them all here.
We can help you find a qualified sound consultant in your area. Just give us a call.