All Praise

All Praise Ministries is a non-profit
Christian worship consultancy, made up of worship leaders and pastors from
across the United States. Our goal is to work together to serve and equip
worship teams so that they might be more effective in reaching the lost. To
quote a favorite book, we hope to take your team or worship ministry from Good
to Great.

Together, we…

…Help churches create and implement customized systems
and implement standards of excellence in their Music and Worship departments.
And we do it all consistent with the Senior Pastor’s vision and plan.

…Equip worship teams by keeping them up-to-date on the
latest and most-proven Praise & Worship tools and knowledge bases – helping
them to grow consistently and confidently.

…Lead teams and other leaders in the area of
developing Christ-centered Praise & Worship teams. The result is a
heart-felt and authentic worship experience for the entire church.

…Teach basic and advanced music techniques for all
instruments and all levels of players. Our All Praise musicians are the best of
the best.

…Grow and
stretch your Worship Leader/Music Director and his/her team in the following

  • Effective worship leading
  • Practice techniques that get results
  • Worship as a Lifestyle and how to live it
  • Instrumentation Techniques (guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, strings, brass,
    woodwind, vocals, etc)
  • Song Writing Tips and Methods
  • Technical (lights, sound, multi-media)
  • Production and Service Planning
  • Chord Charting and arrangements

Achieving a Godly excellence in each of these topics is essential in taking
your worship team to the next level. But you can partake in any or all of these
areas of improvement.  All Praise Ministries helps show your worship team, your
congregation, and even your staff how to transition from wherever you are, to
where God truly wants you to be.

To find
out more, or to arrange a meeting, contact us today!

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All Praise Ministries
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